Valerie Galante


Valerie Galante was born in New York and grew up as a military brat, living in numerous places around the USA and abroad as a child. Since earning her Ph.D. in 1990, she has provided her services as a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, ordained Interfaith Minister, and writer to people from all walks of life, currently dividing her time between private practice, ministry services, writing, and consulting.

During the past 25 years, Valerie began her professional writing career with the publication of a groundbreaking doctoral dissertation that clarified the nature of stress and trauma. Early in her career, she focused on writng peer-reviewed professional articles that have been published in a number of Psychology Journals.

Yearning to reach a wider audience, Valerie’s first book was a popular press nonfictiction book entitled, “Finding Your Way: Lessons from Life,” which is an eclectic collection of ‘lessons’ drawn from every day observances mixed with pivotal historical events that reveal essential themes and truths about the human experience and how each one of us can find our way through this amazing experience. Think of it as a modern day kind of Aesop’s Fables, but with fewer animals.

While still attending seminary, Valerie became intrigued by the life of Yeshua [known to the world as Jesus], an intrigue that was fueled by a long-held curiosity about his life and the desire to know what happened during the supposed “missing years.” As clues about Yeshua’s life began to emerge from unexpected sources, Valerie immersed herself into research from diverse fields of study including geography, archaeology, history, and religion in order to tell his story. The result was her next book, a novel entitled “The Way of Yeshua,” which is a refreshingly new perspective on Jesus as an extraordinary man on a mission who was deeply embroiled in the socio-political and religious conflicts of his time. No missing years or missing answers in this book!

Valerie’s third and most personal book, “Spirit Manifested: Poetic Reflections on Life,” is a collection of poems weaved into a bittersweet biography revealing both her strength and vulnerability.

Dr. Valerie Galante’s professional successes have not deterred her passion for storytelling. A helper and healer to the core, Valerie’s mission is to answer her calling to provide validation, encouragement and guidance to those who are seeking answers to life’s most essential questions.

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