Jennifer Sivec

519WOvHDaIL._UY200_.jpgJennifer was the girl who hid under the covers with her flashlight, reading until she fell asleep, the girl who saw monsters and fairies when she closed her eyes, and believed that there could truly be a Narnia if she wished it hard enough. She was the girl who loved to read more than play outside, and did everything with her nose in a book.

Now she gets to write stories of her own, creating her own reality, while sparking the imagination, and pulling on the heartstrings of others, even her own children. She’s always been drawn to broken and imperfect characters, those who wrestle with their moral compass, and struggle with their own demons. Getting to create her own characters and write stories like this now is truly a dream come true, and she never been more fulfilled.

For her, writing has been an escape, a refuge, and an outlet for her throughout her life and she feels so fortunate to get to channel her energy and creativity in this way. Her body of work includes two books in the Eva series and the standalone novel, I Run to You. In February 2016 she released the first novel in her fantasy series, The Lost Children, beginning with The Forgotten. Themes of family, love, loss, abandonment, and resilience can be found in all of her books.

She has been incredibly fortunate to work with the most amazing group of people who support, challenge, and teach her every day. She is grateful for the life she gets to live and all of the love and support from friends, family, and readers.

You can follow her on BookBub, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, WordPress, or Amazon, and she would love to hear from you at

Jennifer Sivec
P.O. Box 766
Lagrange, Ohio 44050

Jennifer’s Books:


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